Alla Spina



AL PEZZO “PER piece”

louisiana gulf prawns with citrus butter vinaigrette $3.5

lemon and parmesan wings $1.25

beef sirloin spiedini with chimichurri $4

buffalo chicken deviled eggs $1.50

daily selection of oysters, market price



housemade pretzels with spicy beer cheese $6

pig tails with fennel agrodolce $8

cider steamed mussels with sautéed shallots and

kale $12

luganega sausage with charred onions & whole grain mustard $8

clam chowdah poutine & mozzarella curds $14

crispy pig head nachos with spicy beer cheese, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, ricotta salata $14

- vegetarian with refried black beans $14

house made sauerkraut fritters with gruyere, bacon & bratwurst with whole grain honey mustard $8


VERDURE “Veggies & Sides”

oven roasted cauliflower with mint, dark raisins, toasted pine nuts & lemon yogurt $8

kale & celery root salad with apples, walnuts, & whole grain mustard vinaigrette $11

fennel and blood orange salad with roasted and shaved fennel, frisee and grapefruit vinaigrette $10

fried pickles with home made ranch dressing $8

beer battered onion rings with samurai sauce $8

beef fat french fries $6

pizza chips $3

PANINI “Sandwiches”

served with choice of chips or side salad

the angry grandpa double decker burger with guanciale, sharp provolone, LTO and samurai ranch $14

foot long mortadella hotdog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish $11

north philly sausage cheesesteak on a pretzel roll $14

beer can chicken italiano with broccoli rabe pesto, sharp provolone & marinated spicy peppers $14

falafel burger with avocado mayonnaise & spicy cucumber salad $12

trentino grilled cheese with gorgonzola, provolone, speck & figs $12

smoked duck pastrami reuben with house made sauerkraut & thousand island dressing $14



seared arctic char with roasted beet crema, walnut & broccoli pesto, crispy broccoli $18

beer battered fish tacos with guacamole
& cabbage slaw $10

pig pot pie $16

maple glazed fried chicken with mozzarella curd mashed potatoes $18



roasted squash & pomegranate salad with frisee, belgian endive, gorgonzola, tangerine vinegarette$12

oven roasted cauliflower with mint, dark raisins, toasted pine nuts, & lemon yogurt $6

kale and celery root salad with apples, walnuts, and whole grain mustard vinaigrette $11



beer cheese toast

with bacon and a sunny side up egg $12

chorizo and octopus baked eggs

chorizo sausage, poached octopus, and stewed black beans $12

swiss chard & sweet onion fritatta

sautéed swiss chard, caramelized onions, pecorino cheese, and rainbow chard salad $12

testina hash poutine

pigs head, french fries, mozzarella curd, hot sauce hollandaise and sunny-side up eggs $14

biscuits and gravy

duck confit gravy, poached eggs, housemade biscuits $14


boneless pork ribs, cheesy parmigiano polenta

and fried eggs $15



bellini $11

prosecco with seasonal fruit

the old man and the beer $9

rum, maraschino liquor, grapefruit, gose

alla spina bloody mary $6

tomato, horseradish, mustard, celery seed, vodka

panettini $8

amaretto, cynar, orange juice

chilled café corretto $8

cold shaken espresso with grappa




pb&j pancakes

buttermilk pancakes with peanut butter sbrisalona and concord grape maple syrup$11

apples and cream french toast

pecan streusel brioche stuffed with cream cheese frosting & apple maple syrup and bourbon semifreddo $14

the angry grandpa burger

double decker burger with guanciale, sharp provolone, LTO, a fried pickle and samurai ranch $14

duck reuben

smoked duck breast with house made sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and provolone cheese $14…

- add egg for $2

avocado toast

thick cut whole grain toast with avocado, sea salt, lemon juice

and chili flake $8

- add egg for $2



smoked bacon $5

hashbrown $3

biscuits with butter and jam $3

french fries $5

add egg $2



orange juice $5

fresh squeezed

basil spritz $5

basil syrup, lime, and club soda

grapefruit juice $5

fresh squeezed

ginger lemonade $5

fresh ginger, lemon and sugar

Happy Hour

Monday - Friday 4:30pm - 6:30 pm

half off select local drafts!

wings $1.oo per piece
oyster $1
½ off:
beef fat french fries
mortadella hotdog
black bean nachos


wine on tap$6
negroni on tap $7
fernet branca shots $3
deschutes mirror pond bottles $4
brooklyn lager cans $3