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Event: Black Friday with Goose Island Brewery

Date/Time: Friday, November 24th, Doors open at 12pm
Cost: pay-as-you-go


Come enjoy an incredible line-up of brews by Goose Island, including some of their rare and highly sought after Bourbon County Stouts! In addition to the amazing beers on tap will be beer inspired food specials and a chance to win a bottle of Bourbon County '15 Rare and '14 Proprietors Stout!

On Tap:
Goose Island, '17 Bourbon County Stout
Goose Island, '17 Bourbon County Stout, Northwoods
Goose Island, '17 Bourbon County Stout, Coffee
Goose Island, '17 Bourbon County Stout, Barleywine
Goose Island, IPA
Goose Island, Sofie
Goose Island, 4 Star
Goose Island, Brasserie Blanc
Goose Island, Chrysos (Vetri Family Exclusive!)

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